The General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries resumes production of Al Rafidain Ceiling Fans

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In implementation of the directives of Mr. Eng. Sufian Fawzi Shaalan Al-Jubouri, General Manager of the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries, and by the summer, the fans factory resumed its production of Naseem Al-Rafidain ceiling fans and put them in the local markets and compete with the imported product as our company’s products conform to the international standard specifications (lEC 60335 -2-80 and lEC 38(  and subject to periodic inspection and examination by (the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control), as well as examination and qualitative assurance by (the General Company for Engineering Examination and Qualification(


And here it must be noted that this product is 100% Iraqi, and there are after-sales services and a real guarantee period


 It is worth noting that the senior management represented by the Director General is striving hard within its plan and through its specialized technical and engineering cadres to advance the company’s industrial reality and return all its factories to production with maximum production capacity to contribute to the return of the Iraqi industry again and raise the slogan “Made in Iraq