The company's transformer factory examines and supplies specialized transformers of various types to the private sector

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Under the direct supervision and follow-up by Engineer Sufian Fawzi Shaalan Al-Jubouri, General Manager of the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries


The company's electrical distribution transformer factory inspected and prepared specialized transformers…..where (18) specialized transformers were examined and equipped, including two (33/0.42) 300KVA and (16) specialized transformers (6.6/0.42) 300KVA.


 This was examined and prepared in the presence of the director of the transformer factory, Engineer Ali Abdel Wahed Abbas, the director of the quality control department, Mrs. Najat Abdel Majid, the factory’s staff of engineers and technicians, and the beneficiary


 It is worth noting that the senior management of the company, represented by the honorable General Manager, is striving to meet the needs of the ministries of state and the private sector as quickly as possible with the aim of contributing to the promotion of electrical energy in the country