The General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries organizes a training course for the company's employees

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Under the guidance of the General Manager of the company, Eng. Sufian Fawzi Shaalan Al-Jubouri, on the need to develop the skills of the cadres working in the company, including owners and contracts.


  The Human Resources Management Department / Training and Qualification Division organized a training course entitled Preparing Correspondence, Correspondence, Official Books and Code of Conduct at the company's headquarters from nine o'clock in the morning until eleven o'clock in the afternoon and in the hall of the Training Division .... The lecture was delivered by Mr. Jabbar Khalaf Hussain and under the supervision of the Director of Resources Humanity ... The course included an explanation of the rules of professional conduct and how to fill out the attached form, which is a condition of continuing service with the obligation to keep the form in the personal file of each employee and assigned to a public service


  Note that the company continues to hold courses in various fields and throughout the year for the associates within a pre-prepared plan with the aim of increasing their competence and knowledge experience and to keep pace with the scientific and technological development in the industrial aspect to reach a greater quality of production to serve the public interest.